Outlook Employment works with employers and jobseekers with disabilities to match the right person to the right job.



Outlook Employment

As a specialist agency Outlook Employment works closely with employers and job seekers to match people with disability in roles they can excel in and enjoy over the long term.

Outlook Employment can assist you if you:

  • are an employer who wants to find the right employee to fill a position
  • are a jobseeker with a disability and require practical support and guidance to achieve your career goals
  • An employer or jobseeker who would like ongoing support to ensure an employee fulfills their potential.


Outlook Employment does not charge any fees.  We are funded by the Commonwealth Department of Social Services (DSS). Our services can be accessed at no cost to eligible job seekers and employers.

Outlook also offers a range of  additional programs to support job seekers in different situations and with varying needs.

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