E-waste is electronic waste such as televisions, computers and, to a lesser extent, printers.
Outlook is an accredited e-waste recycler having acquired appropriate environmental and OHS, accreditation.

The processing of e-waste meets Outlook’s mission to create employment for workers with a disability in an inclusive workforce. It has synergy with our current recycling activities and diversifies our business operations. Instead of going straight into landfill, appliances are taken apart, processed and recycled.

Besides televisions, computers and printers, goods that can be dropped off include battery operated items or those with a power cord, such as toasters, vacuum cleaners, radios, blenders and hair dryers. Whitegoods cannot be accepted as e-waste.

Materials recovered during e-waste processing are around 95 per cent recyclable, and can be used in the manufacture of new products. Some materials salvaged are even quite valuable, such as platinum, gold and copper.

Furthermore, electrical appliances sometimes contain toxic substances such as lead or mercury, which can potentially contaminate soil and groundwater systems and damage ecosystems. These elements are removed and safely disposed of during recycling.

E-waste items dropped at Outlook Environmental are carefully dismantled mostly by hand, with parts separated into different waste streams for recycling.

For information on where e-waste can be dropped off please refer to our E-waste drop off locations