Imagine you no longer have a job

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One of the most rewarding things about working for a Disability Employment Service is when a job seeker says “thank you, you have changed my life – not only did you get me a job but I am now socialising and now feel like I am part of the community and now feel valued.”

Imagine you go into work today and you no longer have a job. You no longer feel valued. You no longer feel worthy. You are applying for jobs but getting no response.

Six months go by and you still haven’t found work. The bills are piling up. You can no longer go out not only because you don’t have the money but you are embarrassed because you are not working. You are now severely depressed and anxious about returning to work. Every single one of us has the ability to change someone’s life but not the courage to do so. I ask each and every one of you reading this be courageous and give someone a chance to feel valued and part of the workforce.


Carol Harrington, Outlook Employment Team Leader